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Start Your Family Moving!

If you are looking to make exercise a fun, enjoyable part of your life, you have come to the right place.  On this page, you will find links to exercise recommendations, easy ways to get moving, Power Up in 10 strength training videos and more.

Why Should I Exercise?
Discover the benefits and rewards of regular exercise.  There are probably a few that will surprise you.

How to Start?
Learn how long, how hard, and how often you and your family should exercise.

How Do I Progress?
Find new ways to improve your level of fitness and get past training plateaus.

Exercise Myths and Truths!
Discover whether what you’ve heard about exercise has any scientific merit.

What Can Our Family Do Together?
Find easy ways to incorporate physical activity into your family’s daily lives and meet the physical activity recommendations at the same time.

Video Library
Learn how to perform 10 functional muscular strength exercises in the comfort of your home.

Household Weights
Learn how to transform items lying around the house into exercise weights.

Discover ways to incorporate physical activity into the workday.