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Urban Adventures

It is up to all of us to improve the level of health and fitness in our neighborhoods. A healthy neighborhood is one that works together to improve physical activity levels and healthy eating habits for residents of all ages. It also means taking advantage of resources designed to help us make these changes. Our map feature will help you find and explore public parks, farmer’s markets, biking paths, hiking trails and urban staircases in your area.

We encourage you to take advantage of farmer’s markets to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for the family dinner and to participate in an urban adventure at least once a month. For example, biking trails are great ways to get some exercise and enjoy a new view of your neighborhood! Recruit your neighbors, friends, and co-workers and jumpstart your progress towards a healthy life with the resources found in your own zip code.

Orange – Farmer’s Markets
Purple – Bike Paths
Yellow – Walks & Hiking Trails
Dark Green – Parks
Light Blue – Urban Staircases

Found the right pin for you? Click on the pin to see the address, hours, etc.  If a Farmer’s Market accepts Cal Fresh, this information will be provided in the description.

If the map seems to be a big mess and you only want to see the hiking trails for example, simply select “Walks & Hiking Trails” from the Category dropdown list shown by the red arrow in the Map Picture. The map will now only show you pins for hiking trails and urban staircases in your zip code. The zoom feature is available by either clicking the “+” or “-” in the bottom left hand corner of the map.