Don’t Forget the Veggies!

5 Ways to Make Veggies Taste Good
1. Oil ’em Up

  • Adding a little olive oil and garlic never hurts.

2. Dip in Hummus

  • Hummus helps carrots and broccoli go down

3. Add Some Citrus Flavor

  • Add some lemon juice after you steam veggies to it give them a little zest!

4. Mix with Fruit

  • Make a salad with spinach and add fruit like strawberries or dried cranberries for some variety.

5. Grill ’em

  • Put veggies on the grill with some salt and pepper during the family barbeque.

Want to make veggies more fun?
Cut ’em up!

  • Cut up bell peppers, cucumbers, and zucchinis into fun shapes for a tasty snack!

Are you or your kids still afraid of veggies? Here is a super easy way to hide vegetables in foods so you are eating healthy and don’t even notice!
Shred ’em

  • Use a grater and shred zucchini, carrots or puree spinach in a food processor and add to lasagna, quesadillas or other favorite dishes! If you have discovered other ways to increase vegetable consumption in your family, send us an email and we will share your ideas with your Los Angeles neighbors.

Fruit and Vegetable Color Chart

In order to consume as many different nutrients as possible, make sure to include fruits and vegetables from all colors of the rainbow.  Some of the health benefits of each color are listed in the chart below.
Fruit and veggie chart for veggie page

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